Established in 1993, we believe in assisting travellers to experience Ladakh not just as a tourist destination but also more importantly as a mode of relating to serendipity in form of nature. One can never catch hold of time but we can help you capture moments of your belongingness to nature. We help you connect to Ladakh spiritually, culturally and adventurously.

Organic Agriculture in Ladakh, Organic Ladakh

*When I say Ladakh , everything apart from the Bollywood visuals pop-up in my head such as the beautiful Nubhra valley, Organic Ladakh Apricot farmers of tamakchik, other Dihari items, medicinal plants and hot springs that provide natural cure- unfortunately, they are not highlighted by Tourism and Development Machineries. Being an organic-macrobiotic cook, I always notice the use of beautiful Copper vessels, earthen cookware in most kitchens of Ladakh Ladakh is a cultural, organic and peaceful place, I hope the innocence inherited by the land of passes and its inhabitants don’t fade away with the passes of so- called "development".

- Neha Upadhyay
Founder & CEO, GUNA

We Support Ladakh organic culture and help the farmers that practice organic farming. Considering the delicate soil and land of Ladakh it is an essential that there is a balance. Ladakh has always had a traditional agriculture until the last 10 years when the pesticides were introduced. Takmachik a village in Shyam valley has been introduced as a organic model village by the LAHDC government and we believe it will have a butterfly effect.

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