Established in 1993, we believe in assisting travellers to experience Ladakh not just as a tourist destination but also more importantly as a mode of relating to serendipity in form of nature. One can never catch hold of time but we can help you capture moments of your belongingness to nature. We help you connect to Ladakh spiritually, culturally and adventurously.

Spiritual Retreat in Himalayas Ladakh

Behold the land of ancient Buddhism, reclaim your life, come back to your centre and find grounding. With many tours structured around the Buddhist trail you can now find your inner nirvana. Our trips include visits to monastery and close interaction with monks. When the cold wind touches your face, as you spin the prayer wheel in Ladakh you can elevate your spirit to ecstatic joys and reach inner stillness. Clear your karmic debt, visit Ladakh with your family and seek the blessings of Sakyamuni, Buddha and receive good fortune to escape the constant cycle of life and death.