Established in 1993, we believe in assisting travellers to experience Ladakh not just as a tourist destination but also more importantly as a mode of relating to serendipity in form of nature. One can never catch hold of time but we can help you capture moments of your belongingness to nature. We help you connect to Ladakh spiritually, culturally and adventurously.

Traditional Village Homestay, Village Experience

Want to cuddle up in the desert cold with a hot cuppa wrapped around in traditionalTibetan clothes, in a traditional Tibetan home? Then here is your chance of experiencing these delights when you travel with us. Engulfing your senses, and catching the traditional way of Tibetain life far away from the hustle bustle of city life. relishing homemade Tibetan food prepared by the warm, friendly , hospitable families. And the healing powers of cool mountain air and water.